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Credibility Assessment

Polygraph Testing and Psycho-Physiology

Credibility Assessment is to assist businesses in the public/private sector to be able to suitably assess the authenticity of personnel within the realm of their organisation. We help safeguard businesses by measuring the integrity of their personnel and providing reports to assist their decision making.

Numerous times we encounter companies with longstanding employees where there is suspicious handling of sensitive data, potential fraud, physical theft and often partnerships where trust is deteriorating and there is not an immediate substantial evidence to proceed with the necessary action.

In our experience where the personnel provide an important service, either as employees or to our clients, it can jeopardise the relationship going forward if the concerns are then disproved and course of action was misappropriated.

At No Lies, our experience in providing polygraph examinations to diverse private and business clients are building reputation. Our examiner/s, all of whom are American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited. The polygraph technology they use to administer polygraph tests is fully compliant with the APA regulations. Conducted with sensitivity and discretion we maintain the optimum level of data protection.

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