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Pre-Employment – No Lies
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The Security Services sector in  SA is a big business. Most companies use security staff Polygraph Testing to complement background and other checks.

Polygraph tests are useful and we submit imperative for prospective job applicants who will be working in the following:

  • Close Protection
  • Handling of large sums of cash
  • Protecting large building projects
  • Retail
  • Protection of Office Buildings
  • Protection of children


The SA Retail trade has been negatively impacted in a number of ways during the past decade. More and more of theft from stores are being committed by store employees. This type of theft is mainly categorized as direct theft by staff or collusion by employees with outsiders.
In addition it is costing retailers millions per annum. Despite enormous investment in crime prevention the upward trend shows little sign of abating. With a lack of security resources retailers effectively have to spend much more on self-help resources.

Whereas large retail conglomerates may be able to afford this level of investment, the small retailers clearly cannot. The best small businesses can normally do is CCTV installation. State of the art technology is often beyond the budget of the smaller stores.

Affordable loss prevention

By far the best form of preventing employees from stealing from you is to employ people who aren’t going to do it. Naturally computerized systems and robust stocktaking helps but in reality no system is infallible.

Paying staff well and having an incentive bonus scheme keeps them happy. However, knowing and being confident in your staff has many benefits when attempting to stop retail crime.

Criminal record checks and verifiable CV’s are great but they don’t give you a full insight into the character of a person. Using retail theft polygraph examinations as part of pre-employment screening allows you to verify the honesty of applicants.

The cost of polygraph tests is affordable to most retailers and pays dividends when you compare it to potential loss. Used widely by corporations when screening executives, it’s a great way of keeping staff too. You know that an applicant is genuinely interested in the job, your business and more importantly, is highly unlikely to steal from you.

Structured questions posed during the test are pre-determined by you and the examiner. A polygraph test will reveal what you want to know.


Banking polygraph services assist banks in several ways but mainly in pre-employment screening and when investigations of existing staff are necessary.

Since many bank employees handle or have access to large quantities of cash and other valuable assets, bigger banks use polygraph examinations to ascertain the integrity of prospective job applicants.

Why use polygraph services in banking?

Those candidates who are really interested in a banking career and are honest have no problem with taking a polygraph test. An objection to it will not inspire employers no matter how good a CV may look.

Research has revealed that 38 percent of job applicants admit to lying on their Curriculum Vitae.

Checks on education, qualifications and background are naturally necessary but they are not infallible. A professionally administered polygraph test included in the pre-employment screening process provides a wealth of information. You will know beyond a reasonable doubt that the applicant has been honest regarding work history, qualifications and background. You will also learn about the candidate’s integrity and character thus matching your specific requirements.