Periodic Screening

It is also good practice to periodically test employees, especially if you are in an industry that is susceptible to financial loss or loss of reputation.

Regular polygraph examinations for existing employees are recommended to ensure the workforce remains honest and loyal. If data is leaked or theft occurs in the workplace, the polygraph test is the quickest way of identifying where the blame lies.  If your staff cannot come to our offices, alternatively we are able to visit discreetly and conduct tests at your places of business. We would need to check that the space provided matches the environmental requirements of a polygraph examination.



Employee theft is on the increase. Often they will work in teams to make it easier to avoid detection. Data theft, product theft, financial theft and produce theft is also a growing problem. Personal data on customers can also be sold to unscrupulous marketers and scam artists for a decent profit. These kinds of theft are irresistible to some bad employees and are difficult to protect against without massively expensive cyber-security in place.


Fraud detection

No business can afford to lose money through fraud. It can cripple or even destroy the most secure business if it goes unresolved or undetected. To stop your business from encumbering financial loss and take steps to stop fraud immediately. If the culprit can’t be found (they are often good at hiding their tracks) a polygraph test is the only option. This will mean examining any staff that has financial access. Most people will jump at the chance to prove their innocence, so don’t worry about lowering staff morale.

Often, the fraud will be committed by a group of employees rather than a lone individual. This can be harder to detect as they will cover and lie for each other. Again, a polygraph test will highlight all of those involved and put a stop to the theft.