The purpose of diagnostic tests is to form a conclusion that may serve as a basis for action.
Diagnostic test are done in the presence of a known issue under investigation.
Our service is reliable, confidential and discreet. We fully understand how to handle sensitive situations.

We provide proof of innocence/guilt in personal and workplace theft by:

  • Identifying the suspects and the motivation for the theft
  • In some instances, recovering of stolen items
  • Confirming innocence or guilt


As fraud escalates worldwide the demand for better loss prevention methods grows. Most companies are utilizing polygraph examinations as a boost to eliminating fraud in all its forms

Polygraph examinations can assist in eradicating corruption which undermines the integrity and credibility of your company.

How polygraph tests help

Polygraph technology can assist in company matters that include:

Identity fraud

  • False documents
  • False transactions
  • Falsified data and statistics

As a provider of polygraph services to an extensive group of companies,  our examiners are experienced in dealing discreetly with the sensitive nature of the work.